Support and Refunds Policies and Procedures

Expert knowledge and extraordinary customer service is our number one goal. We provide voice, online chat, web and email support via our toll free number and our automated support systems. When you need support for our products and services, please contact us by the methods described below in order for us to provide you the best possible service. Our goal is not the quickest answer, but the best answer, so please be patient as we provide each and every one of our customers with the most attention possible!

Our support processes are different based on the product or service you have purchased from eMediaSales or from one of our authorized retail outlets. Please read this policy carefully when contacting eMediaSales, as using an incorrect contact method will cause delays in our support services.

Preferred Contact Methods:

  • Hosting Services support including email, webmail, FTP, DNS, backups, etc.: Our primary support method is via our Online Helpdesk ticketing system. This is the best way to contact us for quickest support and in general will be our primary method of trouble resolution. Online chat and our toll free telephone will be used to collect pertinent customer information and generate a new support ticket. Resolution to your support request will be provided via the online ticketing system, regardless of the initial method of contact.
    1. Knowledge Base Articles: View Hosting Support KB
    2. Online Helpdesk: Login to Create a Ticket
    3. 24x7 Live Chat: Coming Soon.
    4. Telephone Support: 24x7 LIVE AGENT Technical Support: (800) 578-5003 x2

  • Hosting Customer Miva Merchant Assistance: Our Miva Merchant experts are available for general assistance Monday through Friday 9AM to 5PM Pacific time to provide you tips and assistance with your Miva Merchant store. As your ecommerce package is a very technical piece of software, please understand that certain requests may require consulting services to be quoted. Please consult the following resources prior to contacting eMediaSales support:
    1. Miva Merchant documentation: Visit
    2. Miva Merchant user forums: Visit the Miva Forums
    3. Our Miva Merchant KB Articles: View Miva Merchant KB
    4. Online Helpdesk: Login to Create a Ticket
    5. Customization Quote: Please use the Contact Form below for customization requests

  • Miva Merchant Module and licensing support: Miva Merchant module support is provided exclusively through our knowledge base and online helpdesk. We do not offer telephone support for modules. Our Miva Merchant experts are available Monday through Friday 9AM to 5PM Pacific time. Licensing support is provided during normal support hours, though on nights and weekends we do log in to check for and service license requests on a periodic basis.
    1. Miva Module KB Articles: Miva Merchant Module KB
    2. Online Helpdesk: Login to Create a Ticket
    3. Licensing Support: Please submit the License Request form from within your module.

  • Installations and Feature Pak Services: Paid services such as module installations, SEO configurations and other turn-key store configurations are scheduled and performed during our normal business hours on a first come first serve basis. Please understand that if you redesign your site or otherwise change your configurations after our initial installation, we do NOT provide free support and fixes. Once the service or module is installed and verified functional by our team, your paid service has been completed. Any further modifications will incur hourly service charges.
    1. Module Installations: Usually complete within one business day after receipt of install ticket.
    2. Turn-key Service Installations: Usually scheduled within two to three business days of initial purchase, and completed within one to two business days after start time.

Refund Policy

Shared Hosting Refunds

Shared hosting accounts carry a 30-day cancellation policy. Shared accounts canceled before 90 days of service will incur a $75.00 cancellation fee to help cover our costs of your Miva Merchant license. Since we require no minimum commitment for the length of your shared hosting service, we do not collect more than one month of service in advance. Cancellations of all services must be made with at least one month advance notice. Therefore no refunds are available for any services.

At our sole discretion, we may apply a prorated amount towards your next month's service fees in the event of sustained non-planned or non-emergency service outages.

Dedicated Server Hosting Refunds

Dedicated servers carry a 90-day cancellation policy. We do NOT offer any refunds on partial use. If you decide to cancel your dedicated server, you may continue to use the server until the end of the cancellation period, and charges will continue to be billed through the cancellation period. At our sole discretion, we may agree to cancel certain dedicated server plans with less notice, but in general we DO require 90-days notice. No refunds will be honored for any pre-paid months if you have paid for any service in advance.

At our sole discretion, we may apply a prorated amount towards your next month's service fees in the event of sustained non-planned or non-emergency service outages.

Design, SEO, Consulting Services, Paid Support Services, etc.

Services are performed "as-is". All design services, consulting and paid support services (ie: service work), whether billed hourly or as fixed-price packages are NON-REFUNDABLE according to your written and executed design services agreement. In the event you do not have a signed service agreement or your agreement has expired, first surviving terms of that agreement will apply, and then this general policy.

Module Refunds

Module licenses may be returned within 30 days of original purchase AT THE ONLINE STORE WHERE THEY WERE PURCHASED. According to your software EULA, you must return or destroy all copies of the software if the license is returned. *Note: Modules licenses are NOT transferable.